Crackenback Clinic is one of the leading Colonic Hydrotherapy clinics in Australia and has operated in Cairns for 11 over years.  Crackenback uses a specialised colonic system called an OPEN SYSTEM for your privacy. (See the video below for a demonstration on how that works.) Dr. Debra Lawson has been practicing colonics since 1983.

In simple terms Colonic Hydrotherapy is a colon cleansing process that assists your body in being healthier via elimination of toxins that build up in the colon. Do you wonder if you need to do colon cleansing? “Only cleanse the colon you want to keep healthy”.

So with this in mind the answer is probably yes. (There are some contra-indications, which will be evaluated during your initial consultation). Regular detoxing including the use of colonics can assist you in feeling well throughout your life. Colonics definitely help people who have a sluggish bowel and/or constipation, but colonics are for everyone, not just those who consider themselves constipated.

Did you know that just because you have a daily bowel movement does not necessarily mean your elimination is “up to date” in other words not constipated? For instance, if you have 3 meals a day then you really should have 3 movements.

“I think of it like a taxi rank, one comes in (meal) and one goes out (bowel movement), ”says Dr. Deb “Ideally it should be no more than 18 hours from chew to poo.”

“But let’s assume you have perfect elimination. Can you still benefit from colonics? In my opinion, the answer is YES. And I will explain why I believe this. The colon is essentially a tube with a whole bunch of ridges that help with peristalsis (the contractions that move waste through the tube). Colonics use water to wash out any waste that gets left behind in the ridges as well as in any pockets or diverticula you may have developed. Have you ever noticed that your waste tends to be smooth, and yet, did you know the surface of your colon is not? This is something worth thinking about. What this means is; there is plenty of area for waste to be left behind, this waste is not eliminated in a normal bowel motion. It remains on the walls indefinitely literally putrefying.”

One of the jobs of the colon is to absorb water from the soupy digested food. If there is old waste still sitting in those pockets the toxins (that should have exited a long time ago) get reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This is not a good situation for optimal health and energy. Some call this autointoxication or self-pollution. If any of this resonates with you perhaps you should give it a try and see for yourself. The life you improve could be your own.

The changes people experience from this fairly basic procedure (really it is a high tech enema in a controlled sterile environment) are nothing short of amazing. The relief and benefits that Colonic Hydrotherapy can offer does in many instances, change people’s lives.

Many people also use Colonic Hydrotherapy to assist with their weight loss programme. For others it is the appreciation of the sense of internal wellbeing that they get from taking better care of their colon. They have treatments on a regular basis simply because it makes them feel good.

“For me personally, I have been a regular user of colonics since 1983 and I honestly do not think I would be in the state of health I am currently in at nearly 60 years old without colonics. I will let you in on a little secret, I decided to add colonics to the practice when I came to Cairns, firstly, for my own health and well-being and secondly for the good I could do for my clients. I know this may sound a bit selfish but I have to take excellent care of me to be able to take care of you. And do I practice what I preach.”

“Whatever your needs, please talk to me. I offer a free consultation to assist you in evaluating if colonics are appropriate for you. I am sure I can answer any of your questions in a relaxed, down-to earth manner and ease any nervousness you may have about this private topic. Having done this for years I will get you through the learning curve to the point where you are totally comfortable with the process.”


For more information right now please listen to my recording here on the website: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT COLONICS BUT DIDN’T KNOW WHO TO ASK…

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