Crackenback Clinic is the longest standing Colonic Hydrotherapy clinics in Cairns offering colon hydrotherapy for 15 years, so far.

In simple terms Colonic Hydrotherapy is a colon cleansing process that is uses water to cleanse the colon. Colonics are really a form of high-tech enema. It is gentle and private, not at all what people tend to imagine.

We use the OPEN SYSTEM COLON HYDROTHERAPY so your modesty is protected at all times. What this means is you have privacy during your treatment although Dr. Lawson or the colon hydro-therapist is always on hand for any questions or queries. Many people who have tried other forms of colon hydrotherapy say they prefer the open system because they are in control of their elimination and they like the fact that they have total privacy.

Because the Open system is purpose built, the waste goes away discreetly and sanitarily. However, there is a clear viewing tube where you will have a chance to see what you are releasing. We jokingly call it Poo TV. Better out than in!

Of course, everything is sanitised and any items that come into patient contact are disposed of each visit.

Colonics can be used as a part of your regular health program, as part of a detox program and is of benefit whenever you are making a change in your diet. Some people report that it helps them when on a weight loss program as well as for general well-being.

A surprisingly large percentage of the population struggle with constipation and often it’s chronic. Colonic Hydrotherapy sometimes help with constipation.

For some people Colonic Hydrotherapy is an integral part of their overall wellbeing. They have treatments on a regular basis.

Whatever your needs, talking to Dr Deb at Crackenback is the place to start.

She will be able to answer all of your questions in a simple, down to earth manner, giving you all of the information and professional advice to ensure that your Colonic Hydrotherapy programme meets your needs and expectations.